2018, Diploma Project

Shared economy platforms (peer to peer sales, sharing goods rather than individual ownership, gift giving) have become increasingly popular on the internet over the past decade, since more and more people desire to be in control of their consumption and oppose throw-away-culture. This project proposes a building, situated in a hyper-dense urban environment (Hongo Student Campus / Bunkyō / Tokyo), where a community of people can sell, exchange, lend or gift their goods through the use of latest technologies (autonomous robotics, 3d-scanning, AR).

These technologies are used to store the goods in a 3d-grid-structure and distribute them autonomically. Additionally, the “Sharing-Center” provides social spaces that are in line with the idea of sharing and collaboration (co-working spaces, game- and club rooms, student counselling, creative production etc.), all feeding off the grid, while a large, open space in the center hosts a show-room that exposes a communicative matrix of goods to the city. The aim is to create techno-social incubator which enables a more sustainable consumption of resources, creates more human interactions within the community and provides those access to goods, that would normally not have it.