2016, Academic, with: Alexandra Moisi, Florian Smutny, nominated for 3DHubs Grant

Rethinking industrial architecture and how humans and machines occupy space together, this project envisions a new type of factory. After a thorough research phase of understanding the machinery and assembly line of the factory (in this case for solar panel production) - the building is reconfigured. Where traditionally in factories robots are closed off with bounding boxes/cages, those cages become the building itself while the city becomes the factory around them. By eliminating the opaque, unnecessary walls the people get closer to the machines and understand the production process that is otherwise hidden in the factory. The morphology of the building is directly generated by movement and trajectories of the machines - a literal representation of the factory’s inner organs. The industrial production serves as a spectacle and urban point of interest, situated on a spacious plaza which includes a small amphitheater that leads underneath the building.